Strict Keto Day 1

So….if you know my wife and I we love a few things very dearly: my kids, our dogs, each other, good coffee and fine wine. Her California roots have introduced me to really good wine, took me from boxed wine to OMG! The really, really good stuff.

(My favorite wineries I found in Cali were Chronic Cellars, J. Lohr and Justin.) BUT…it’s almost summer and I want to don a bathing suit and see my abs through my shirts again. Not to mention feel better so….while we are always gluten free and Paleo…we aren’t allllwaaayyysssss….keto (Jessi is Mexican and we love our corn tillas and tilla chips).

That ends today. We agreed to a two week challenge which is a REALLY BIG (she has never done this with me before) deal. We are both going to do this…full force! Pics and tape measurments. My goal is through 2 weeks of reprogramming our bodies we decide to keep going without cheats. She is Keto by proxy….I’m keto by choice with cheats. But No more! (*Cue serious face!)

So far today it’s been dark roast Sumatran coffee with Kerrygold and water. I’m breaking in today with intermittent fasting as well starting with a 14 hour fast.

-broke my fast pre-training with 2 hard-boiled eggs and a tablespoon of avocado at 1130am…

Now it’s nearly the end of my eating window and while I’ve eaten well and have about 10 NC left I think my body is catching on…all those carbs yesterday….got me feeling like “is it bed time at 730?”

This is how I ended my night….a Thai inspired soup with chicken, shrimp and crab cake. My wife is a food magician.

We love you all and look forward to seeing you this week!