Get out of BED


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I haven’t stopped being tired since we started this strict keto  (I have done this many times in the past, think Whole30)….but this…this doing it with my wife seems to have a different flavor to it.

I forgot this is how I felt getting fat adapted last time as well. Reading and re-reading even the most basic sentences.  Thank you brain fog.  On the positive side (since life is prodding my optimism) I didn’t wake up hungry today and am going on 16 hours fasted. We had mas café upon waking. Mí wifi likes hers black I take mine with Kerrygold ALWAYS! (yes…you’ll notice little bits of familial Spanglish coming out of us).

2:14pm~ I am feeling so mentally challenged right now.

Is this the Keto flu?  Is it the lack of sun?  I feel like I need to go to sleep.  My wife has a sense of humor, I don’t today.

We had to hit all the stores to get groceries and supplies for baking today and we went out on a 15 hour and counting fast.  I didn’t even make it through the first isle of the store before I was hunting KETO snacks.  Aldi had some really cool gluten free Parm snacks and those coupled with Chiccharonnes (pork skins) saved me long enough to make it through Wal-Fart (as my family so affectionately reffers to that big-box store.

We skipped the last store in favor of going home to clean and make our fast-breaking meal.  Now it is off to go to the kitchen and start filling our killer orders for Market Wagon and some of our local retailers.

Please fog lift off my head I feel like I’m melting into the desk today.