Oscar the GROUCH is My Name Day 4

6AM~ I just rolled my ass outta bed and have a crook in my neck. On the positive side it’s gorgeous out and my doors and windows remain open while I sip my Keto coffee and Seltzer water.

I am however feeling like a real freakin’ grouch. Last night was particularly bad. Not even feeling like myself really….kinda like I was taken over by a force greater than myself, saying:

“I want cake, I want chips, I want a tortilla, I want a glass of wine! I want to be left ALONE!”

I didn’t give in❤️.

10:11am~ out on deliveries and we need comida!!! So challenge today is to eat out Keto!! Omelet here I come! Extra healthy fat! No bread. No potatoes! Mwahhh😘

We owe you photos:

2:03pm~ dry mouth, increased thirst and urination! No major hunger here….is it possible?

4:23pm~ Catch y’all tomorrow, I have cupcakes and donuts to make tonight and then clients to train❤️