Day 5&6 Keto Adapt

So I’ve been an UNBEARABLE biz-natch.

My POOR but loving wife having to put up with my keto-adaptation. Yesterday was so rough I couldn’t make myself even write a blog-post.

Granted we were beyond busy getting ready for market.

Today I feel 100% better. No feeling like I’m trapped in my own skin and unable to get out.

My daughter, a budding Chef broke out and made dinner. We love her creations and tonight we got:

Keto Chicken Alfredo 💙

(Sorry for the blur I was getting reprimanded for “not eating while it’s hot” blog post be damned).

My wife posed for her before pics. I never did mine. I’ll get some soon.

Tomorrow is our day OFF and we will keep it sacred. I’ll still send you a blog post and we will be doing some course work and paperwork but NO BAKING will happen…

No, no, no!!