Week 1 done!

These are my wife’s before photos taken on day 3 I belive. Her only commentary when I asked her to pose was “Why didn’t we do this days ago when I was bloated?!”

Photos done for her. I’m taking my week 1, day 1 pics at the gym today.

I am SO disappointed in my lack of muscle😢

I didn’t work out last week because I didn’t think my adjusting body could handle it. But I’m going to go at it cautiously today.

I did 2- rounds of an infamous workout called “She Fucking Hates Me” and then a few Turkish get-ups. Day 1 at the gym.

We downloaded Carb Manager to help us keep track. I’m thinking my wife is really into this now! Maybe I should adjust my macros to crush her 😁.

Keto here we come!

Can’t stop me now!!!