I LOVE Chia❤️❤️

I love oatmeal.

LOVE it❤️

Probably my favorite food. Ask my former clients, I would train them as I snuck bites of oatmeal and drank my coffee.

Then one day I found out I was allergic to gluten. After my elimination of inflammatory foods I tried to add back in oats and my body wasn’t having it. Not even the GF type. Nope. Nada.

I keep trying occasionally but my body stops me in my tracks.

So I found Ch-ch-ch-CHIA this past week and dang!!! I’m. In. Love. Bye. Bye attempts with oats. YOU DONE BEEN REPLACED! Bam💘

This photo looks not so appetizing.

I know.

As I was eating my brain was screaming, ” MORE, MORE, eat faster and get MORE!!!”

I ignored those primal urges and stuck with my portion. You can be sure this will be a daily food for a while.

We will now be perfecting a new Keto Walking Chia bowl for the markets BECAUSE WE LOVE to share the LOVE❤️



PS making keto tortillas TONIGHT



2T chia

1/3-1/2 c milk of choice (unsweet) I used Silk Coconut milk

Sprinkle cinnamon

Splash vanilla

And heat in small sauce pan for 3-5 mins. That is it!