38 and 36 Inch Waists

Today marks the end of week 3, KETO HARD CORE!

I waited until the beginning of week 3 to measure our waits. I have the 38″ waist and Jessi is 36″. I know I should have measured sooner!

We did have a “cheat meal” 4 days ago💙, my favorite cheat meal….nachos. REAL nachos. Na-cho Mamma’s Nachos either!!

My wife is first generation American and was raised in a very traditional Mexican family. While growing up she learned how to craft soul food, unlike any food that you will find in a Mexican restaurant stateside. (Well…..you might be able to order something similar if you ask your server in Spanish for comida he would be proud to serve his Abuela and not what is on the Gringo menu).

So, we had nachos with home-fried ’tillas, refried beans, pulled chicken, queso freso, guac, salsa and cabbage. The meal was simply divine and scratched my itch for a non-Keto meal.

I went right back to Ketosis the next day thankfully and suffered no I’ll effects of the cheat meal.

I thought we would be looking for an end date, dying to stop Keto. Ready to go back to Paleo BUT we are not! So, stay tuned for our shrinking waists!

Join us! Comment below, share your waist numbers, where you are on your journey!!! We GOT THIS!!