Hunger NO MORE

The strangest thing just occurred to me. I’m NOT hungry.

That’s a BIG deal! I used to wake up hungry, blood sugar low, feeling like shit! Walk around all day hungry, stuff myself before bed so I might not wake up hungry….. Not. Any. More.

I’m not even really feeling that gut wrenching, nauseating, going to kill something HUNGER I had been accustomed to, AT ALL.

I realized today that I had my morning coffee and 2 bacon wrapped jalapenos and nothing again until 630 p.m.

We had Keto tacos tonight with some parm Crisps from Aldi (new fave from an old fave) and shared a skinny girl Marg (cheat because I KNOW it has sugar/agave in it). Now I am stuffed.

Today I was supposed to “be off work” but really only didn’t work for an hour this morning. This evening will be a movie and maybe a small scoop of my Keto Whiskey Vanilla Custard.

That’s it folks. I’m beat and coming up on one month strict Keto with only 1 cheat meal! Feeling pretty excited to do a carb face/keto face comparison!!!

Much love to all of you!

Eat well! Be strong!