Stress Eating

Yep! I’m a confirmed stress eater. OR rather wanna be stress eater (I don’t give in…typically an if I eat anything it falls into keto parameters, and NOT dirty KETO! I’m a NO Grain and NO Sugar kind of gal).

We have a massive weekend ahead of us and I just want to eat. I have kids to cajole into getting out of bed at 5a.m.

I have my on-time anxiety to attempt to not cause me to spin in circles and I don’t want to forget anything (cooler, cash register, water, water water…..).

My first thought as I stood gazing into a keto fridge was “hormones”, then I thought I was out of ketosis….then I concluded it was stress.Granted, I’m not tracking my macros but I realized my response to stress is hunger.

So….what’s a girl to do?

Work nearly 12 hours and then go to the pool with the kids for an hour before putting in another round of work!

Why yes I think that’s what I’ll do. I threw on the only suit I have (time to redo that UGH!!!) and a cover up. Grabbed my throwback to my fave place (Thanks Juan) NorCal❤️ and away we went.

All 4 of us to the neighborhood pool.

One very valuable life knowledge piece I’m learning as I am running two businesses on a bootstrap and being a complete self sustaining entrepreneur is that I have to breathe, be kind to myself, understand it’s OK to not accomplish unrealistic goals but most importantly:

Love myself, meditate, set strong examples for my daughters who need to see strong and faithful women, love my wife, enjoy ENJOY my family and explore the world.

Much Love

Eat Well! Be Strong!