Keto Camping Done Easy

It can be done🔥

We had a regular fast breaker of beef biltong jerky, pumpkin seeds, cheddar cheese (not pictured) and our fave Yerba Mate. We filled the gaps with seltzer water, bottled water and simple grilled chicken legs with a side of spinach. SUPER SIMPLE.

We decided to run away for a few days in what promised to be hot and humid weather to recharge in the trees and under the stars. Amazing and very much needed.

Reception was sparse at best which kept me out of my email and off my phone.

I sat and read. We hiked some brutal cliffs, then I read some more. Such a blessing having paper pages between my fingers, black ink on a page and inspiration rolling around in my brain.

{Contrary to what her face implies she was loving it! She’s a regular hiker and scales obstacles I won’t attempt.}

We stayed fueled, hydrated and didn’t break from Keto once. Did I tell you I’ve never felt better?

In case I didn’t tell you it’s the damn truth!!!

Keto takes away all the inflammation I was experiencing which is a God-send when you’re hiking. I had constant energy and no spikes and crashes in my insulin.

I can now go hours without food and feel the best ever.

Buh-bye hangry! Not me! No more!!!

It was sad to leave. I never feel like I get to stay in nature long enough.

However I am enjoying the a/c and my creativity is flowing like a madwoman!

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend at Garfield Park or in Irvington! Let’s swap keto camping recipes.

Much love❤️


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