Sleep, Meditation and Biking

I’ve been tired for a few days now. Mentally exhausted is what I think it is. I haven’t been doing my dilligent self-care. My meditations have slipped in lieu of me running in so many different directions. AKA I have chosen to “feel like shit” over taking care of myself. Yep. Hard pill to swallow.My wife slowly introduced me to meditation a few years ago with binarual beats. (I was a bit resistant to slowing down long enough to focus inward and breathe, not to mention closing my eyes….and what? Focus on my third eye?! WTF! Where IS THAT?) She was patient with me and brought me around to the most amazing practice I now know. I learned to meditate in a tent on the side of a mountain in California.

MAN do I miss the travel.

We tent camped all over Cali and Arizona. My all time favorite spot was Joshua Tree National Park (see below šŸ™‚ hiding in the nostrils of the rock formations).

Back to meditation! I love my new meditation guru Gabby Bernstein. You may have heard of her. She is kinda a big deal. If you haven’t you should check her out. She’s an amazing and inspiring woman I hope to work with someday. I joined her membership and get access to more uplifting podcasts and videos. She addresses everything we humans encounter in daily life from addiction recovery, food and self worth to motherhood.šŸ’œ Check her out!

Here’s to getting back onto my path of least resistance.

So, as I said I have been on point with my food! That’s the mostly easy part. Strict keto. Yep easier than working out and apparently easier to make time for than meditating for me these days.

I have been lacking in the physical exercise department as well, even though I just brought home a new to me bike. I am actively working ā¬‡ļø here, not posing. My goal is between 7-15 miles a day on the bike. GOALS peeps. Gotta have the goals.

So take care of yourselves!

Live YOUR best life.

Don’t settle for what doesn’t inspire you!

Eat to fuel your body. Meditate (or take that break, find some quiet….breathe y’all! BREATHE).

Lastly, MOVE. Show your body some love. You only get one body treat it well and do something that makes you feel great! Bike, hike, dance….the list is endless.

Be kind to yourself.

Eat Well! Be Strong!!