Clean Or Dirty

So…..I learned a few things lately. Honestly, I learn something new every day it seems. BUT! Lately I learned there is “clean” Keto and there is “dirty” keto.

I had no idea! ME. The keto baker. NO clue. I thought….there was Keto and there were cheat(ing) foods.

I haven’t spent much time comparing the two nor researching and reading at length. What I have done is quickly decipered we are a clean keto family and bakery.

What is the difference to you? How do you eat a Keto lifestyle?

I learned there are (at least) two distinct ways to do keto here when talking to customers.

(Disclaimer!!! This isn’t judgement ❤️ I am JUST NOW learning that there are many changes in the way people do Keto since the last time I chose to live a Keto lifestyle).

I didn’t realize people eat potentially ‘offending’ food if they can fit it in their macros. (I.E. sugar and grain for example).

It was after many a person asked me what kind of sugar I used in our products and I looked at them quite confused and this inevitably led to many conversations that I learned people do consume grain and sugar if they can fit it in their macros. Color me SHOCKED.

As far as we go as a bakery we stick to Erythritol, Allulose and Monk Fruit drops. I have used some Stevia but have consistently been unimpressed with almost every outcome. Our baked goods could be argued that Hunter/gatherers wouldn’t have made this either.

I know. I’m aware. We re just striving to make allergen free foods for those who cannot have Gluten/Grains/Sugar. I’m just in awe of all the ways people make Keto or Low-Carb work for them.

I would love to hear what/how you do you on Keto and why!