That’s what I told myself from the moment I woke up today. “You CAN do it Stacy!

Do you ever have those days where you KNOW what you should do and you KNOW what ya wanna do. And!…..they aren’t the same thing?

I made it to the gym and nailed it.

It felt so amazing to take care of my body by showing it some weightlifting love.

Do you know that feeling?

Positive energy expenditure that feels like you’re nourishing your soul. My goal is to get more regular with the gym again. I took a break when I transitioned into the strict Keto lifestyle and then I let the bakery take over and didn’t plan in my physical movement.

So here is to YOU and to me!

Being a mom, a wife, a dual entrepreneur and taking care of me. What are your hats?

What do you do to take care of you?

I would love to hear how you do it!

All the best!