Scale?! And ***ADULT LANGUAGE***

Hi y’all!

It’s been a long time since I talked to you but I got caught in a war on scales…ever done that?

The battle of the scale! If I lean this way…maybe….shift my weight like this….set! Now step off. Reset. Again!

Same damn number!

Inhale, exhale, take off every scrap of clothing! Go pee!!!

Throw the freaking thing out the window ladies. I’ll wait. Right here. I’m not going anywhere while you do that! Maybe I can hear a collective clang as they all fall!

Now that you’re back and liberated! I’m proud of you. That damn scale never did a thing for you but encourage you to judge yourself by numbers that appear on a tool in front of you.

As a trainer I take all my clients scales or if they happen to leave them in their homes and LOVE me enough to invite me in I DEFACE the scale if not steal it! I’ve been known to write “I lie to you every day!” On them. I once had a wall in my gym adorned with them.

I’m here to encourage you to not live by scales. Scales on your counters (for food measuring) or on your floors BE confident in yourself and embrace those curves girls and boys! We are not meant to look like the emaciated peeps in all of social media or publications. Love yourself! Eat well. Stay off the scale. Take pics of you wanna, we all LOVE selfie. Pics are my go to for clients because a picture doesn’t lie.


Put it in your “FUCK IT bucket” (shout out to Grace and Frankie one of the best shows of ALL TIME) here.

If you need help extracting your scale just lemme know! I’ll come over.

And…**disclaimer**maybe a little late I have the mouth of an Army girl (as my Grandma used to say, “Stacy!!!!” Followed by a gasp, possible hand to her chest and a shake of the head) so if it bothers you please don’t read I don’t want to offend but censoring isn’t my thing either.

On that note BE YOURSELF! Love YOURSELF! If you need some encouragement and love shout out below or send us a message!

All the best!