So….there is about one time a year that Watermelon is in season.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seasonal foods and believe that something that is a whole food is worthy of a cheat every once in a while. (Green beans, watermelon etc.)

Have you ever spied a treat from afar and lost sight of everything else?

That is me and watermelon! Specifically Sugar Baby watermelons at a farm stand still warm from the šŸŒž.

I wouldn’t have indulged but my wife’s encouragement allowed me to realize that healthy ideas around food are better served than severe limitations.

I brought home a small, round, juicy and AMAZING summer treat that I ate over the course of 2 days. Yep! Me. Mono un mono. Solo. Didn’t share.

While I suffered a bit of unnecessary guilt I was able to live my life just fine knowing I splurged on a treat the Universe provided me and was satisfied and thankful.

Do you allow yourself treats? What are your indulgences?

Hit me!

Eat Well! Be strong!

Stacy @42