So….there is about one time a year that Watermelon is in season.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seasonal foods and believe that something that is a whole food is worthy of a cheat every once in a while. (Green beans, watermelon etc.)

Have you ever spied a treat from afar and lost sight of everything else?

That is me and watermelon! Specifically Sugar Baby watermelons at a farm stand still warm from the 🌞.

I wouldn’t have indulged but my wife’s encouragement allowed me to realize that healthy ideas around food are better served than severe limitations.

I brought home a small, round, juicy and AMAZING summer treat that I ate over the course of 2 days. Yep! Me. Mono un mono. Solo. Didn’t share.

While I suffered a bit of unnecessary guilt I was able to live my life just fine knowing I splurged on a treat the Universe provided me and was satisfied and thankful.

Do you allow yourself treats? What are your indulgences?

Hit me!

Eat Well! Be strong!

Stacy @42

Scale?! And ***ADULT LANGUAGE***

Hi y’all!

It’s been a long time since I talked to you but I got caught in a war on scales…ever done that?

The battle of the scale! If I lean this way…maybe….shift my weight like this….set! Now step off. Reset. Again!

Same damn number!

Inhale, exhale, take off every scrap of clothing! Go pee!!!

Throw the freaking thing out the window ladies. I’ll wait. Right here. I’m not going anywhere while you do that! Maybe I can hear a collective clang as they all fall!

Now that you’re back and liberated! I’m proud of you. That damn scale never did a thing for you but encourage you to judge yourself by numbers that appear on a tool in front of you.

As a trainer I take all my clients scales or if they happen to leave them in their homes and LOVE me enough to invite me in I DEFACE the scale if not steal it! I’ve been known to write “I lie to you every day!” On them. I once had a wall in my gym adorned with them.

I’m here to encourage you to not live by scales. Scales on your counters (for food measuring) or on your floors BE confident in yourself and embrace those curves girls and boys! We are not meant to look like the emaciated peeps in all of social media or publications. Love yourself! Eat well. Stay off the scale. Take pics of you wanna, we all LOVE selfie. Pics are my go to for clients because a picture doesn’t lie.


Put it in your “FUCK IT bucket” (shout out to Grace and Frankie one of the best shows of ALL TIME) here.

If you need help extracting your scale just lemme know! I’ll come over.

And…**disclaimer**maybe a little late I have the mouth of an Army girl (as my Grandma used to say, “Stacy!!!!” Followed by a gasp, possible hand to her chest and a shake of the head) so if it bothers you please don’t read I don’t want to offend but censoring isn’t my thing either.

On that note BE YOURSELF! Love YOURSELF! If you need some encouragement and love shout out below or send us a message!

All the best!




That’s what I told myself from the moment I woke up today. “You CAN do it Stacy!

Do you ever have those days where you KNOW what you should do and you KNOW what ya wanna do. And!…..they aren’t the same thing?

I made it to the gym and nailed it.

It felt so amazing to take care of my body by showing it some weightlifting love.

Do you know that feeling?

Positive energy expenditure that feels like you’re nourishing your soul. My goal is to get more regular with the gym again. I took a break when I transitioned into the strict Keto lifestyle and then I let the bakery take over and didn’t plan in my physical movement.

So here is to YOU and to me!

Being a mom, a wife, a dual entrepreneur and taking care of me. What are your hats?

What do you do to take care of you?

I would love to hear how you do it!

All the best!


Clean Or Dirty

So…..I learned a few things lately. Honestly, I learn something new every day it seems. BUT! Lately I learned there is “clean” Keto and there is “dirty” keto.

I had no idea! ME. The keto baker. NO clue. I thought….there was Keto and there were cheat(ing) foods.

I haven’t spent much time comparing the two nor researching and reading at length. What I have done is quickly decipered we are a clean keto family and bakery.

What is the difference to you? How do you eat a Keto lifestyle?

I learned there are (at least) two distinct ways to do keto here when talking to customers.

(Disclaimer!!! This isn’t judgement ❤️ I am JUST NOW learning that there are many changes in the way people do Keto since the last time I chose to live a Keto lifestyle).

I didn’t realize people eat potentially ‘offending’ food if they can fit it in their macros. (I.E. sugar and grain for example).

It was after many a person asked me what kind of sugar I used in our products and I looked at them quite confused and this inevitably led to many conversations that I learned people do consume grain and sugar if they can fit it in their macros. Color me SHOCKED.

As far as we go as a bakery we stick to Erythritol, Allulose and Monk Fruit drops. I have used some Stevia but have consistently been unimpressed with almost every outcome. Our baked goods could be argued that Hunter/gatherers wouldn’t have made this either.

I know. I’m aware. We re just striving to make allergen free foods for those who cannot have Gluten/Grains/Sugar. I’m just in awe of all the ways people make Keto or Low-Carb work for them.

I would love to hear what/how you do you on Keto and why!

Sleep, Meditation and Biking

I’ve been tired for a few days now. Mentally exhausted is what I think it is. I haven’t been doing my dilligent self-care. My meditations have slipped in lieu of me running in so many different directions. AKA I have chosen to “feel like shit” over taking care of myself. Yep. Hard pill to swallow.My wife slowly introduced me to meditation a few years ago with binarual beats. (I was a bit resistant to slowing down long enough to focus inward and breathe, not to mention closing my eyes….and what? Focus on my third eye?! WTF! Where IS THAT?) She was patient with me and brought me around to the most amazing practice I now know. I learned to meditate in a tent on the side of a mountain in California.

MAN do I miss the travel.

We tent camped all over Cali and Arizona. My all time favorite spot was Joshua Tree National Park (see below 🙂 hiding in the nostrils of the rock formations).

Back to meditation! I love my new meditation guru Gabby Bernstein. You may have heard of her. She is kinda a big deal. If you haven’t you should check her out. She’s an amazing and inspiring woman I hope to work with someday. I joined her membership and get access to more uplifting podcasts and videos. She addresses everything we humans encounter in daily life from addiction recovery, food and self worth to motherhood.💜 Check her out!


Here’s to getting back onto my path of least resistance.

So, as I said I have been on point with my food! That’s the mostly easy part. Strict keto. Yep easier than working out and apparently easier to make time for than meditating for me these days.

I have been lacking in the physical exercise department as well, even though I just brought home a new to me bike. I am actively working ⬇️ here, not posing. My goal is between 7-15 miles a day on the bike. GOALS peeps. Gotta have the goals.

So take care of yourselves!

Live YOUR best life.

Don’t settle for what doesn’t inspire you!

Eat to fuel your body. Meditate (or take that break, find some quiet….breathe y’all! BREATHE).

Lastly, MOVE. Show your body some love. You only get one body treat it well and do something that makes you feel great! Bike, hike, dance….the list is endless.

Be kind to yourself.

Eat Well! Be Strong!!



Keto Camping Done Easy

It can be done🔥

We had a regular fast breaker of beef biltong jerky, pumpkin seeds, cheddar cheese (not pictured) and our fave Yerba Mate. We filled the gaps with seltzer water, bottled water and simple grilled chicken legs with a side of spinach. SUPER SIMPLE.

We decided to run away for a few days in what promised to be hot and humid weather to recharge in the trees and under the stars. Amazing and very much needed.

Reception was sparse at best which kept me out of my email and off my phone.

I sat and read. We hiked some brutal cliffs, then I read some more. Such a blessing having paper pages between my fingers, black ink on a page and inspiration rolling around in my brain.

{Contrary to what her face implies she was loving it! She’s a regular hiker and scales obstacles I won’t attempt.}

We stayed fueled, hydrated and didn’t break from Keto once. Did I tell you I’ve never felt better?

In case I didn’t tell you it’s the damn truth!!!

Keto takes away all the inflammation I was experiencing which is a God-send when you’re hiking. I had constant energy and no spikes and crashes in my insulin.

I can now go hours without food and feel the best ever.

Buh-bye hangry! Not me! No more!!!

It was sad to leave. I never feel like I get to stay in nature long enough.

However I am enjoying the a/c and my creativity is flowing like a madwoman!

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend at Garfield Park or in Irvington! Let’s swap keto camping recipes.

Much love❤️


#42bakery #indyketo

Stress Eating

Yep! I’m a confirmed stress eater. OR rather wanna be stress eater (I don’t give in…typically an if I eat anything it falls into keto parameters, and NOT dirty KETO! I’m a NO Grain and NO Sugar kind of gal).

We have a massive weekend ahead of us and I just want to eat. I have kids to cajole into getting out of bed at 5a.m.

I have my on-time anxiety to attempt to not cause me to spin in circles and I don’t want to forget anything (cooler, cash register, water, water water…..).

My first thought as I stood gazing into a keto fridge was “hormones”, then I thought I was out of ketosis….then I concluded it was stress.Granted, I’m not tracking my macros but I realized my response to stress is hunger.

So….what’s a girl to do?

Work nearly 12 hours and then go to the pool with the kids for an hour before putting in another round of work!

Why yes I think that’s what I’ll do. I threw on the only suit I have (time to redo that UGH!!!) and a cover up. Grabbed my throwback to my fave place (Thanks Juan) NorCal❤️ and away we went.

All 4 of us to the neighborhood pool.

One very valuable life knowledge piece I’m learning as I am running two businesses on a bootstrap and being a complete self sustaining entrepreneur is that I have to breathe, be kind to myself, understand it’s OK to not accomplish unrealistic goals but most importantly:

Love myself, meditate, set strong examples for my daughters who need to see strong and faithful women, love my wife, enjoy ENJOY my family and explore the world.

Much Love

Eat Well! Be Strong!


Week 5-Day 2

I think I can…I think I can

…I F’in KNOW I can. I’ll never lose the thighs….what do they say? Thick thighs save lives lol❤️

I was in a hurry BUT next time I’ll take off my cover up!

I’m feeling better physically which is what I first hoped for! Now to get muscles and drop some inches.

I am a size 10.

Off to work!

Keep at it y’all! We can all make our lives better💙

Eat well! Be strong!


Exhaustion IS For REAL

Maybe you can relate….you’re just going and going and then all of a sudden your body says ENOUGH! That was me this afternoon.

My wife and I worked our tails off on amazing keto treats the past two days, went to market, sold out with an hour to go (YAY!), loaded up, grabbed our one meal for the day, followed by a coffee then came home. We were supposed to do a quick turn around going to the store to resupply and start baking for tomorrow after we took a quick break.

Wouldn’t you know the next thing that happens is “Jessica!!…What time is it?”.


How in the world did it go from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m?

Apparently every fiber in my body said ENOUGH!

I decided to do something contrary to normal (as I’m learning it is OK to do less) and not scramble, beat myself up, be hard on both of us and start ‘the rat race’ I just showered. Took it slow and followed my shower with a face mask.

I will now continue to embrace my new “do less” philosophy and know that I am exactly where I need to be and hope that YOU can do this as well.

If you’re looking for some more info on this way of living check out these women I am proud to call mentors:

  1. Kate Northrop, Do Less
  2. Marie Forleo, http://www.marieforleo.com
  3. Gabby Bernstein, http://www.gabbybernstein.com
  4. All things Abraham Hicks

All the best!

Eat well! Be strong!


P.S. I must go wash my face!!!

Early Bird Gets the Coffee

Today stands to be a long day but a new day all together. First thing first (is that how you say it? My 5am brain things so)….mas café! Throw in a cold ‘fizzy’ water as Jessi says and I’m on my way to waking up!

Big things, no…. gargantuan! Of EPIC proportion! Ginormous changes are headed our way! With all the change I’m finding much self love and introspection to be my only saving grace.

If you know me you know every other week my babies go to their fathers (goddess help me we live in the same small town) and now that it’s summer I DO NOT see my girls for a whole 7 days at a time. That my friends is my biggest hurdle in life these days.

I am having to find ways to boost my positivity, not lose myself in work and know that 7 days isn’t a lifetime (even when it feels like it to me).

I have turned to my favorite ladies to get me through: Gabby Bernstein, Rebecca Rosen and Marie Forleo. Meditation, prayer and finding the best ways to focus on my business while not losing myself and feeding my emotions (raises hand….I can be an emotional eater).

New matras to me in the past year go a little like this, “WWMFD? WWGBD? WWRRD?”. These women are revolutionaries and inspire me or ground me daily!

Keto is going a-mazing! I have seen a reduction in swelling I didn’t know I had (hands and feet), renewed energy and no soul crushing hunger.

Hangry is no longer in my vocab !!!

Time to finish my coffee and get ready to glaze some Keto donut for delivery!

Eat well! Be strong!


Hunger NO MORE

The strangest thing just occurred to me. I’m NOT hungry.

That’s a BIG deal! I used to wake up hungry, blood sugar low, feeling like shit! Walk around all day hungry, stuff myself before bed so I might not wake up hungry….. Not. Any. More.

I’m not even really feeling that gut wrenching, nauseating, going to kill something HUNGER I had been accustomed to, AT ALL.

I realized today that I had my morning coffee and 2 bacon wrapped jalapenos and nothing again until 630 p.m.

We had Keto tacos tonight with some parm Crisps from Aldi (new fave from an old fave) and shared a skinny girl Marg (cheat because I KNOW it has sugar/agave in it). Now I am stuffed.

Today I was supposed to “be off work” but really only didn’t work for an hour this morning. This evening will be a movie and maybe a small scoop of my Keto Whiskey Vanilla Custard.

That’s it folks. I’m beat and coming up on one month strict Keto with only 1 cheat meal! Feeling pretty excited to do a carb face/keto face comparison!!!

Much love to all of you!

Eat well! Be strong!


38 and 36 Inch Waists

Today marks the end of week 3, KETO HARD CORE!

I waited until the beginning of week 3 to measure our waits. I have the 38″ waist and Jessi is 36″. I know I should have measured sooner!

We did have a “cheat meal” 4 days ago💙, my favorite cheat meal….nachos. REAL nachos. Na-cho Mamma’s Nachos either!!

My wife is first generation American and was raised in a very traditional Mexican family. While growing up she learned how to craft soul food, unlike any food that you will find in a Mexican restaurant stateside. (Well…..you might be able to order something similar if you ask your server in Spanish for comida he would be proud to serve his Abuela and not what is on the Gringo menu).

So, we had nachos with home-fried ’tillas, refried beans, pulled chicken, queso freso, guac, salsa and cabbage. The meal was simply divine and scratched my itch for a non-Keto meal.

I went right back to Ketosis the next day thankfully and suffered no I’ll effects of the cheat meal.

I thought we would be looking for an end date, dying to stop Keto. Ready to go back to Paleo BUT we are not! So, stay tuned for our shrinking waists!

Join us! Comment below, share your waist numbers, where you are on your journey!!! We GOT THIS!!