Early Bird Gets the Coffee

Today stands to be a long day but a new day all together. First thing first (is that how you say it? My 5am brain things so)….mas cafĂ©! Throw in a cold ‘fizzy’ water as Jessi says and I’m on my way to waking up!

Big things, no…. gargantuan! Of EPIC proportion! Ginormous changes are headed our way! With all the change I’m finding much self love and introspection to be my only saving grace.

If you know me you know every other week my babies go to their fathers (goddess help me we live in the same small town) and now that it’s summer I DO NOT see my girls for a whole 7 days at a time. That my friends is my biggest hurdle in life these days.

I am having to find ways to boost my positivity, not lose myself in work and know that 7 days isn’t a lifetime (even when it feels like it to me).

I have turned to my favorite ladies to get me through: Gabby Bernstein, Rebecca Rosen and Marie Forleo. Meditation, prayer and finding the best ways to focus on my business while not losing myself and feeding my emotions (raises hand….I can be an emotional eater).

New matras to me in the past year go a little like this, “WWMFD? WWGBD? WWRRD?”. These women are revolutionaries and inspire me or ground me daily!

Keto is going a-mazing! I have seen a reduction in swelling I didn’t know I had (hands and feet), renewed energy and no soul crushing hunger.

Hangry is no longer in my vocab !!!

Time to finish my coffee and get ready to glaze some Keto donut for delivery!

Eat well! Be strong!


I love you, so here’s some chocolate.

I probably don’t have to tell you this…. Tomorrow is Valentines day. You probably know that, because every single retail store from here to the edge of the earth is bedecked in red and pink. (I so seldom get the chance to use ‘bedecked’ in a sentence, I just had to!)

I am not one of those ‘anti Valentines day’ people, but I’ve never really been big into celebrating it either. It just kind of comes and goes. In the past, I looked forward to the clearance candy —- chyeauh! But eating a strictly keto diet means that those days are over. (It’s ok, we make our own chocolates, and you better believe I’ll be indulging in a few of those!)


Lately, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about our relationship to food and it’s role in our society. (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get too deep here, just an observation!) We use food as a form of expression — at least, I think most people do.

Happy Birthday – here’s a cake!
Congrats, Grad – here’s a giant cookie!
You got that promotion?! Let’s have a birthday dinner!
Pregnant? Gender reveal cupcakes!
I love you! Please take this heart-shaped box of truffles. (mmmm truffles)

So just to start a dialogue, and get your thoughts on the matter, here’s a question:

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day, besides candy?

What is your other ‘love language’? Tell me in the comments, or come find us on Facebook @42Bakery and be a part of the discussion!

Ciao for now!