Early Bird Gets the Coffee

Today stands to be a long day but a new day all together. First thing first (is that how you say it? My 5am brain things so)….mas café! Throw in a cold ‘fizzy’ water as Jessi says and I’m on my way to waking up!

Big things, no…. gargantuan! Of EPIC proportion! Ginormous changes are headed our way! With all the change I’m finding much self love and introspection to be my only saving grace.

If you know me you know every other week my babies go to their fathers (goddess help me we live in the same small town) and now that it’s summer I DO NOT see my girls for a whole 7 days at a time. That my friends is my biggest hurdle in life these days.

I am having to find ways to boost my positivity, not lose myself in work and know that 7 days isn’t a lifetime (even when it feels like it to me).

I have turned to my favorite ladies to get me through: Gabby Bernstein, Rebecca Rosen and Marie Forleo. Meditation, prayer and finding the best ways to focus on my business while not losing myself and feeding my emotions (raises hand….I can be an emotional eater).

New matras to me in the past year go a little like this, “WWMFD? WWGBD? WWRRD?”. These women are revolutionaries and inspire me or ground me daily!

Keto is going a-mazing! I have seen a reduction in swelling I didn’t know I had (hands and feet), renewed energy and no soul crushing hunger.

Hangry is no longer in my vocab !!!

Time to finish my coffee and get ready to glaze some Keto donut for delivery!

Eat well! Be strong!


Get out of BED


alone bed bedroom blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I haven’t stopped being tired since we started this strict keto  (I have done this many times in the past, think Whole30)….but this…this doing it with my wife seems to have a different flavor to it.

I forgot this is how I felt getting fat adapted last time as well. Reading and re-reading even the most basic sentences.  Thank you brain fog.  On the positive side (since life is prodding my optimism) I didn’t wake up hungry today and am going on 16 hours fasted. We had mas café upon waking. Mí wifi likes hers black I take mine with Kerrygold ALWAYS! (yes…you’ll notice little bits of familial Spanglish coming out of us).

2:14pm~ I am feeling so mentally challenged right now.

Is this the Keto flu?  Is it the lack of sun?  I feel like I need to go to sleep.  My wife has a sense of humor, I don’t today.

We had to hit all the stores to get groceries and supplies for baking today and we went out on a 15 hour and counting fast.  I didn’t even make it through the first isle of the store before I was hunting KETO snacks.  Aldi had some really cool gluten free Parm snacks and those coupled with Chiccharonnes (pork skins) saved me long enough to make it through Wal-Fart (as my family so affectionately reffers to that big-box store.

We skipped the last store in favor of going home to clean and make our fast-breaking meal.  Now it is off to go to the kitchen and start filling our killer orders for Market Wagon and some of our local retailers.

Please fog lift off my head I feel like I’m melting into the desk today.


Day 2

Woke up feeling sluggish and overheated. I just couldn’t get comfy last night and was either too hot or there was a draft so I donned my Beast Mode shirt for inspiration ❤️.

We started today with Sumatra and Kerry Gold. Barely scratched out enough grounds for each of us to have a full cup (apparently my coffee pot calls one of my cups 2 actual cups **WTCup).

My hands are Uber swollen. Hardly got my rings off, normally they’re spinning around my fingers. Hmmmm….we have a super busy day and all I want is another cuppa. Have zero food plans and hope that doesn’t bite me in the ass today.

15 hour fast today and broken it with smoked cheddar and some salami on a quick drive by to Aldi. + Hard boiled egg and a few sips of coffee

Small palm full of frozen pecans and a 3 egg bowl of egg salad (mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, dill and ground chili peppers).

We are off to a meeting at a coffee shop….it’s not Starbucks so the dilemma…can I have a coffee? Our challenge was ONLY not Starbucks for a week. Does coffee tasting with a potential partner count as cheating…?¿

-I opted to drink the shot of espresso offered to me without guilt and it was amazing! We came home after a 2 hour business meeting and I could EAT A HORSE. Jessi is working on dinner while I’m doing school. Her first attempt at food just went down the garbage disposal…now we are debating on where if anywhere we could eat out. Nope! Going to scavenge the fridge. I’ll report back with whatever hodgepodge we assemble LMAO

Dinner from the fridge tonight: keto bagel dry toasted, one half with an all beef, uncured Aldi hotdog, Batch No 2 mustard and cooked cabbage. The other bagel half is reheated crab cake, home made tartar sauce with skillet fried celery and a side of guac.



Delicious Celebrations

Today was such a great day as we got to make these delicious Keto Cakes for a client’s birthday! We love being a part of our customer’s lives, and we really love being a part of their celebrations.

In a way, it makes me feel connected to Small Town America, in a time when people knew their baker and their grocer and their seamstress. It’s part of our roots, and being able to make these custom orders makes us feel truly and deeply connected in that way.

The cakes turned out so great, we ended up making some for the house. #Guilty !!!

They tasted like a Ding Dong with a twinkie style filling…. um, yum.

I love you, so here’s some chocolate.

I probably don’t have to tell you this…. Tomorrow is Valentines day. You probably know that, because every single retail store from here to the edge of the earth is bedecked in red and pink. (I so seldom get the chance to use ‘bedecked’ in a sentence, I just had to!)

I am not one of those ‘anti Valentines day’ people, but I’ve never really been big into celebrating it either. It just kind of comes and goes. In the past, I looked forward to the clearance candy —- chyeauh! But eating a strictly keto diet means that those days are over. (It’s ok, we make our own chocolates, and you better believe I’ll be indulging in a few of those!)


Lately, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about our relationship to food and it’s role in our society. (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get too deep here, just an observation!) We use food as a form of expression — at least, I think most people do.

Happy Birthday – here’s a cake!
Congrats, Grad – here’s a giant cookie!
You got that promotion?! Let’s have a birthday dinner!
Pregnant? Gender reveal cupcakes!
I love you! Please take this heart-shaped box of truffles. (mmmm truffles)

So just to start a dialogue, and get your thoughts on the matter, here’s a question:

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day, besides candy?

What is your other ‘love language’? Tell me in the comments, or come find us on Facebook @42Bakery and be a part of the discussion!

Ciao for now!